Best Free Face Swap Apps for iPhone and Android

Alexandra Thompson

When it comes to social media and content creation, one of the big things to success is staying on top of the new trends and coming up with exciting and fresh ideas.

One of the most fascinating ways to keep your audience entertained and engaged with you is through the use of face-swapping apps.

Whether you are looking to create unique hilarious content for a family community chat group or random face swaps in your advertising campaigns, they’ve the strong features to make your creation truly a masterpiece.

In this blog, we’ll explore what actual face swap technology is and reveal the best free face swap apps for iPhone and Android devices for 2024.


What is face swap technology?

Face swapping is a virtual technology that permits you to replace a person’s face without another. When you’re done it rightly, it can make hilarious outcomes.

The way Face Swap is achieved is via the use of AI and sophisticated algorithms, which are capable of recognizing important facial features such as lips, chin, nose, eyes, and overall face structure and shape.



It’s one of the biggest social network apps on earth and has more than 210 million daily active users. Snapchat provides some wonderful photo and video features, but most of the app users use it to swap faces.

To do this, just move your finger over the part of the screen where the face is situated while taking a video or image. This’ll cause different faces to pop up on the screen. Then find your favorite one and tap the face swap feature icon.

The next step is to take the following image or video on the social app to share it on your favorite app. Snapchat can be installed for free on Android and Apple devices.



If you’re searching for a face swap app that can put your face on a celebrity face, you cannot miss Reface app, a top-rated app powered by artificial intelligence. That means the app supports precisely mapping your face onto another.

There’re a bunch of well-made face swap templates that you can utilize, from vintage to realistic face swaps. Surprisingly, the app lets you crop out your face and put it into any video. Therefore, you can watch a movie or clip that looks like you’re the leading person, which is super interesting.



One of the amazing effects of the app, also popular as Bnauba in Google Play, is the feature to change the face. The AI features of the app provide you access to more than 1k filters and masks that change your face instead of only focusing on swapping.

Funveo also allows you to upload images, live photos, and videos directly. You can mail the photos directly via your contact list without using external social platforms. The application is available on both Apple and Android devices.



If you’re looking for a face swap that is as easy as cut and paste, this app is ready for you. It provides an amazing feature called paste face that allows you to cut a face from one image and paste it into another.

To cut a face perfectly, the app provides a magnifying glass function to help users make it flawlessly. Also, you do not need to repeat the photo-cutting procedure causes all faces you cut from photos will be saved in the face gallery of the app. Some users report it as a bit annoying and constant advertisement, but it is still well worth it.



For people who’re seeking a face swap to have fun with buddies, you’d try this app on your iPhone. There’re a bunch of templates for you to use, including popular gifs, memes, and paintings, you can upload your own images or portraits to entertain.

Just pick a template, copy and paste your face or the faces of your buddies on it, and the face replacement procedure is done with seconds. You can edit it to make your buddies laugh, and the app allows you to flip and rotate the photo to endless possibilities.



Claimed to be the 1s ever automated realistic app based on AI learning, this app doesn’t copy-paste a face from one to another, but swaps faces easily. The reflect app is capable of swapping faces in paintings, animations, statues, videos, and many more.

This feature could be used in social uses, like video interviews, or remove gender or racial bias when hiring.


Face Blender

This app allows you to blend your Selfie image with another image to make a new photo. You can take a Selfie or existing image and blend it with another image of your choice.

The application includes functions such as fill, edge /face, beautify face, and many more, and the Face Blender is available for free on both Apple and Android devices.

The user-friendly interface of the app allows users to simply create fun photos by swapping their faces with any image.


Face Swap Live

This app allows you to swap faces with friends in real time. Unlike many other apps that use static photos to swap faces, it allows you to change faces while you and your buddies show in the camera.

Also, you can record a video with a swapped feature and use its filter and masks to make more hilarious outcomes. Some users complain that it is unstable and a bit shaky, and you can look for some resolutions to fix all the issues.



Swapping face with a celebrity who is your favorite is a popular thing now. MixBooth app is very simple and easy to use as you only need to pick the image with the face and you want to use it instead. It’ll automatically switch the face.

It allows you to take images or import them from a gallery or your social media account. To see the outcomes, just shake your device and check if you like the result, save it on your mobile phone directly, or share it on social media.


Wrap Up

There’re hundreds of free face swap apps available for both Apple and Android devices. Some of the most popular are discussed here in this blog. These face swap applications provide a wide range of AI features and tools that can be utilized to create creative and fun content. I hope this info helps you find the right application according to your needs.


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