How to Use Face Swapper for Hilarious Results

Alexandra Thompson


Face swap is an image trend where you switch your face with someone else. Many reface applications have an Al-powered spec that let you swap 2 faces in an image, while others have a simple tool to cut faces out and change them yourself.

Face swapping takes sharing images more fun with you get hilarious outcomes, like when you swap your face with your dogs or a celebrity’s. Sometimes, the results are so stunning that your friends will look twice before they spot the difference.

Advantages of using Face swap

Face swap apps attract focus and get new followers by shocking people with a funny image edit. They help you connect with more people by:

  • Giving you a simple way to upgrade your snaps
  • Making your pictures fun and encouraging engagement
  • Attracting interest from more viewers
  • Getting expert-level face swap edits
  • Entertaining your existing followers

How to Use Face Swapper for Hilarious Results

Add a face

Start by clicking the “Add image” icon to upload a selfie – yours or your friends. Make sure the image captures a single, frontal face view without any obstructions. For best results, pick a high-resolution picture.

Pick the target face

Pick the target face either from the accessible templates provided by Face Swapper or upload another face from your gadget.

Let Al do Face swap

Start the face swapping process by clicking the “Swap Face Icon” button. Permit the Al to perfectly execute the face swap job, which generally takes 5-15 seconds, depending on your online connection.

Face swap result preview

Faceswapper permits you to match the real image with the swapped version, providing you clear view of the transformation.

Download image for fun

Once relaxed with the result, download the end image for various fun applications. Whether you are creating a playful emoji or hilarious meme, the swapped image is ready for your creative work.

Face swapping with mask layers in Photoshop

If you have images of similar size and composition, it is simple to layer them on top of each other in Photoshop for a general face swap. Just follow these steps:

  • Set the face you want to swap in as a base layer and the image with the face to be changed as the top layer.
  • Line up the faces in the two images. Use the auto-align spec and ensure that the two figures you want to combine join roughly align.
  • Add a white mask layer onto the top. Set the 100% opacity.
  • Pick the brush tool. Set the opacity to hundred percent. A softer brush style tends to work well for this type of work.
  • Using the black brush, paint over the face you want to swap on the mask layer. As you paint over the layer mask, the face beneath it will present through in real time.

This technique works with images that are roughly the same composition and size. Sometimes, though, you want something a bit more complex, such as dog face swap or trying your hand at a new face meme swap. For those moments, you will need to explore a different set of Photoshop expertise.


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